DCL was founded in 2007 by a father and son who had 50 years of combined hands-on experience in the field of residential and commercial construction. By combining integrity in the way of doing business and expertise in the construction industry, DCL quickly became a successful and reliable drywall contractor in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Ten years later, DCL is proud to employ over 75 staff and subcontractors. DCL is a proud member of the Edmonton Construction Association and the Canadian Home Builder’s Association, and proud to sponsor several local organizations.


From day one, DCL’s focus has been to serve its clients as best as possible and to go out of its way to ensure client satisfaction. By adopting a problem solving approach, DCL ensures that its clients will be listened to and that it will be there to find a solution.

This philosophy stems from the fact that DCL’s owners have spent numerous years on construction sites and that they can relate to their clients, their employees and their sub-contractors.

We believe that the key to our success is our management team’s hands-on background and experience in the field, combined with a well-organized service department. We understand the importance of delivering a quality product in a strict and sensitive time frame. That’s why we have an efficient schedule system that maximizes building time without compromising quality.

The Team

DCL’s philosophy has been to surround itself by knowledgeable employees. We are proud to present you the team.

Renald Lessard, Founder/Owner
Renald’s experience in the drywall industry is well known. He can always be counted on to provide sound advice to any construction dilemmas.

Dan Lessard, Founder/Owner
Dan is at the center of it all. He is an entrepreneur that is respected for his honesty and dedication.  His unpretentious nature is cemented in DCL’s culture and the way we do business.

Alison Baxandall, General Manager
Alison has been with DCL since 2010. She has been an important part of DCL’s growth; her ability to juggle various tasks at once and her dedication to client’s satisfaction are reasons why DCL is successful.

Cam Chambers, Service Manager (With DCL since 2016)

Julio Ortiz, Service Technician (With DCL since 2007)

Lee Martini, Service Technician (With DCL since 2012)

Mary-Lynn Wilson, Receptionist (With DCL since 2014)

Rock Benoit, Senior Field Supervisor (With DCL since 2014)

Don MckNight, Senior Field Supervisor (With DCL since 2014)

Jonathan Rainville, Commercial Field Supervisor (With DCL since 2015)

Mario Page, Field Supervisor/Service Technician (With DCL since 2015)

Josias, Senior Field Technician (With DCL since 2014)

Marco DiSimone, Field Technician (With DCL since 2015)

Christian Lafreniere, Field Technician and Safety Office in Training (With DCL since 2014)

Bev Williamson, Comptroller and Bookkeeper (With DCL since 2013)

Dave Lessard, In-house counsel (With DCL since 2014)